Chamber to the Iowa Senate (Wikimedia Commons/Miles530)
Chamber to the Iowa Senate (Wikimedia Commons/Miles530)

Controversial collective-bargaining bill passes


Molly Hunter |

The Iowa House and Senate OK’d a controversial collective-bargaining bill on Feb. 16.

The bill, House File 291, will strip many public employees of the collective-bargaining rights guaranteed to them under Chapter 20 of Iowa law. The bill also removes the provision requiring employers to provide proper cause for employee terminations and suspensions.

Legislators in both chambers of the Iowa Legislature spent the week debating the bill. Senators and representatives proposed dozens of amendments, but most were struck down. However, an amendment broadening the bill’s definition of a public-safety employee was unanimously accepted in the House.

The amended version of HF 291 then passed a vote in the House, 53-47. The bill was immediately sent on to the Senate, where it passed, 29-21.