EPI Staff



Maria Curi, Politics Editor


Maria serves as politics editor for The Daily Iowan. Previously, the University of Iowa junior has covered state and presidential races and rallies. Maria, a journalism and political science major, is interested in environmental and immigration politics. When Maria graduates in 2018 she will pursue a career in political reporting and investigative journalism.


Molly Hunter, Politics Reporter

Molly is a political reporter for The Daily Iowan’s Ethics & Politics Initiative. She previously worked for the Metro section of the paper, where she covered the City Council of Iowa City. Molly is a student at the University of Iowa. She is currently double majoring—her primary major is journalism, and her secondary major is political science. Molly hopes to work as an investigative or political journalist after she graduates in May 2020.
Anna Kayser
Anna is a reporter for EPI at the Daily Iowan. Previously, she worked for the Metro section of the paper as well as helping out with EPI, reporting in Des Moines for legislative races. Anna is a student at the University of Iowa, double majoring in journalism and political science. After graduating in May of 2020, she hopes to work as a political reporter or communications director on a campaign.