Marco Rubio

  • Kasich’s bankroll before Iowa caucuses: $1.4 million

    by - Feb 21, 2016
    The Ohio governor’s campaign has chosen to invest the bulk of its spending on advertisements, which amounted to approximately $500,000.    By Quentin Misiag | Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign had only $1.4 million in the...
  • Etched in Granite

    by - Feb 10, 2016
    By Matthew Jack | Following pre-primary poll predictions, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, and business mogul Donald Trump swept New Hampshire and cemented their first wins of the primary season. Their victories both came after a strong...
  • A look inside Marco Rubio’s third-place Iowa caucus finish

    by - Feb 3, 2016
    The Florida senator exceeded poll expectations on caucus night. Now he’s being groomed by some to become the choice Establishment Republican to challenge Democrats.    By Quentin Misiag | A third-place finish is hardly ever recognized as...
  • Cruz, opponents polarize Iowa officials

    by - Feb 2, 2016
    By Matthew Jack | DES MOINES — After Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s upset victory in the Iowa caucuses — which defied expectations from the Jan. 30 Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics pre-caucus poll — some Iowa public officials will be forced to...
  • Ted Cruz wins 2016 Iowa caucuses

    by - Feb 1, 2016
    THE RESULTS: Ted Cruz won the Iowa GOP caucuses by about 6,000 votes PARTY VERDICT: Iowa GOP officials hail party-wide victory FIRST PLACE: Ted Cruz: 51,496 votes SECOND PLACE: Donald Trump: 45,315 votes   By Quentin Misiag | WEST DES...
  • What Marco Rubio supporters are saying in Iowa City

    by - Feb 1, 2016
    The Daily Iowan has reporters around Iowa City and Des Moines covering Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. The DI has spoken with several individuals caucusing for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. “I’m voting for Marco Rubio...
  • Who’s your candidate? Republicans

    by - Feb 1, 2016
    It’s the big day. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the top-12 Republican candidates along with some basic information on each to make your caucus night a little easier.      ...Read More
  • Rand, Ron Paul join forces for caucus-eve rally in Iowa City

    by - Feb 1, 2016
    With the help of his famous father, Kentucky’s junior senator rallies more than 1,000 in Iowa City, on the eve of the 2016 Iowa caucuses.  By Quentin Misiag | Rand Paul’s last campaign rally on the...
  • Kasich’s awkward (and rocky) relationship with Iowa

    by - Jan 30, 2016
    After months of minor campaigning in Iowa, the Ohio governor will spend caucus night more than 1,000 miles away in New Hampshire. By Quentin Misiag |  CEDAR RAPIDS — Even when John Kasich had set aside small blocks...
  • Crunch Time to the Caucuses: 4 days away

    by - Jan 29, 2016
    Must-know details about the final stretch before the Iowa caucuses. By Quentin Misiag | | 01/29/16 CAUCUS COUNTDOWN • 4 days to the Iowa caucuses.   DUELING DEBATE • DEMOCRATS: Democratic candidates won’t “debate” again until...